FIGURA 0.0.2 - AGDG Demo Day 19

A brand spankin' new build of FIGURA is now available to download!

New features include:

  • Color! Enemies are now colored based on their shape. Hopefully this makes it easier to tell what's trying to kill you.
  • Music! A (incomplete) song now loops for the duration of the level.
  • Better shape-shifting! You can now change to any shape instantly instead of cycling through them. Defaults are 1 for square, 2 for circle, 3 for  triangle
  • Diagonal shooting! Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Limited options! The option menu exists now, though currently you can only adjust the music and sound volumes.
  • Limited controller support! Note: I only had a PS4 controller to work with so other controllers remain untested.
  • Redone level! The first level has been completely reworked except for the boss at the end.

Known bugs/issues:

  • Enemies aren't being counted correctly for stats.
  • The boss sometimes doesn't move when it's supposed to, and its circles can sometimes be slightly out of position.
  • Currently no pause menu; once the game starts you can't return to the main menu unless you beat the level or are killed.
  • Score doesn't reset when starting the level more than once


Mar 05, 2018

Get FIGURA v0.0.2

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